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HMS Seagull Crew Photograph


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I have recently stumbled upon this photograph. The reverse has no inscription or naming. It would be really nice to know a little about these chaps from HMS Seagull, and if there are any clues from their uniforms about their roles.

I have very little (almost no) knowledge of the Royal Navy during the Great War, so apologies in advance if it isn't even the correct period! I would be very grateful to the good folks of the forum for any information about HMS Seagull during WW1.

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Welcome to the Forum - enjoy!

No photo posted?


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Wiki has HMS Seagull as follows (they give Colledge, Ships of the Royal Navy as a reference) -

I have nothing to pin my feelings on either way, but something about the look of the chaps (maybe the hair?) says WW2 to me.

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