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241694 Henry Holcroft 1/5 South Lancashire Regiment


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A lady friend of mine is on a quest to try and track down medals that belonged to her family....

This is what she has discovered so far in an email to me: -

Omg, cant believe it..just googled his name and, found him..

Distinguished Conduct Medal, G.V.R. (241694 Pte., 1/5 S. Lan. R.); 1914-15 Star (4152 Pte., S. Lan. R.); British War and Victory Medals (4152 Cpl., S. Lan. R.); France, Croix de Guerre 1914-1918, bronze star on ribbon,


Harry ‘Mad Ginger’ was born in Crawford Village, near Rainford. A miner by occupation, he volunteered for service in the Army at the outbreak of the Great War, giving a false date of birth, being 17 years of age at the time. He joined the 5th Battalion South Lancashire Regiment and entered the France/Flanders theatre of war on 28 October 1915. He was recommended for the Victoria Cross and awarded the D.C.M. for his gallantry at Festubert on 10 April 1918. The original recommendation states:

‘Rfn. H. is strongly recommended for reward for excellent work and devotion to duty throughout the last tour of duty in the line and particularly for his epic gallantry when during an enemy attack on Loisne Central Keep on 10th inst. he attacked single handed and on his own initiative an enemy machine gun and crew which was holding up and inflicting losses on our counter attacking platoon. He killed two and captured four others and the machine gun thereby facilitating the operations of the counter attack. Afterwards he repeatedly patrolled up to the enemy trench clearing our own dead and wounded and securing documents and identifications from the enemy dead. Also at great personal risk, locating the body of Lt. Dymond who was killed on the enemy wire whilst exploiting the success of the counter attack and securing from his person very valuable company documents’.

A further recommendation continues:

‘On the night of the 19 /20 June/18 while taking part in a raid on the enemy lines, the above showed a great example to his comrades by his magnificent bearing throughout the operation. He also helped to get the wounded back to a place of safety under very heavy

I remember finding the original recommendation for H VC when searching the 55th Div records in the 1990s, a friend of mine had the group at the time.

Still have to find the medals though..

With this information provided, can anyone tell me what is my next step? Any help is appreciated.... Ta! Pete

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I would think join the British medal forum and ask there- also get a copy of his medal index card- others should be able to confirm if the card confirms issue of medals. If issued they could well be in a collection- or in the possession of another of his descendants. Regards, Paul.

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This is Henry Holcrofts London Gazette entry for the DCM from 30/08/1918 http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/30879/supplements/10307 as you can see he's listed under his later service number 241694 and as an "Acting Corporal", as you maybe aware, as a Territorial, he'd have been renumbered in 1917 hence the different number, this explains it if you weren't aware http://www.1914-1918.net/TF_renumbering_infantry.htm the number would be consistent with a man serving in the 5th Bn South Lancs.

2/Lt John Jordan Dymond was KIA 12/04/1918, this would date the action. As for the location of the medals, she needs to check family members, how close is she? Daughter of a Daughter? Daughter of a Son etc?


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Hi Pete, it might be an idea to place an advert in Medal News magazine.....



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What you have in your initial post is an auction lot description from 2007. The medals will reside with the collecting community. A wanted advertisement describing the precise purpose of why she wishes to contact the collector concerned, would be a good idea. The Order and Medals Research Society Journal would probably be the best place to list the advert.

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Worth trying the auctioneers directly. My Grandfathers pair sold in chiswick a year ago or so. I contacted them and they passed my details to the buyer who got back to me. They won't pass the buyers details to you so that leaves it in the hands of the buyer.


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South Lancs Medal Rolls:

15ST - 4152 Pte. Holcroft, Henry Disembarked 28/10/15 (1) Discharged 392(xvia) 30/1/19
BWM/VM - 241694 Cpl. Holcroft, Henry 1/5th S.Lan.R. 4152 Cpl S.Lan.R. 241694

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Has anyone managed to track down Henry Holcroft's medals. I am also interested to know where they are as Henry was my granny's brother and she talked so much about him and his heroism. I would be very interested to know where the medals are and would hope they are with a member of his family.

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