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Russian ship losses in the baltic 1917

James A Pratt III

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This is from OTF 28-4 article on the Sablating seaplanes

On 29 Aug 1917 SF5 #1023 claimed 3 bomb hits on a 1000ton Russian steamer in the Baltic. The ship was set on fire and 12-14 men were seen to get into a lifeboat.

3 Sep1917 off Duenemuede FF33L # 1234 claimed a bomb hit on a 800-1000 Russian steamer

same day SF5 1024 attached a 3000 ton steamer claimed 6 10kg bomb hits which set the ship on fire the next day it was seen to sink off Duenemuede

same day same area SF5 1021 hit a 200 ton steamer with 2 bombs and set it on fire

Does anyone know what ships the Germans attacked and hit? I don't think any of them were sunk because there is no mention of any ship losses in R.D. Layman's articals in Warship 1989 or WI No3 1982 or in Rene Grieger "The Russian Fleet 1914-1917" Thanks in advance.

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