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Is this a uniform?


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Their clothing is uniform (as it their hair style) which would suggest that these lads belong to some sort of institution but whether it is a military one may be a different matter. The item that fastens their striped collars looks to be some sort of badge which might offer a clue.but the quality of the picture isn't good enough to make it out.

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The shirts, cardigans and plimsolls are superficially identical to army issue items.

The trousers are not Service Dress...a type with which I'm unfamiliar: if military, perhaps blue.



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As GT says the shirts, cardigans and canvas shoes all look issue. The cardigan and shirt was worn virtually up until the introduction of serge battledress in the late 1930s. The trousers could be from the between the wars brown denim working suit. The chap on the left has turned his trousers up. That and the scrubbing brush would seem to indicate some sort of barrack cleaning in progress! The hairstyles suggest later 1920s-early 30s to my eyes.....



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Yes they seem like issue 'grey back' shirts, cardigans and canvas shoes. The trousers might well be brown denim, or perhaps even old pairs of undress serge oxford trousers.

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