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The Mine Sweepers


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Just indulged myself in the purchase of Sea and Sussex from Rudyard Kipling's verse, illustrated by Donald Maxwell (1st American edition, Doubleday 1926) (autographed by Kipling and with a presentation inscription from his wife to their children's nurse).

I wanted to share the illustration for Mine Sweepers 1914-1918, the full text of which should be at the link here:




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Thanks for sharing this. One of our casualties was on a mine-sweeping trawler which was less fortunate, and Kipling looks at the dangers faced by these ships here:


He from the wind-bitten north with ship and companions descended

Searching for eggs of death spawned by invisible hulls.

Many he found and drew forth. Of a sudden the fishery ended

In flame and a clamorous breath not new to the eye-pecking gulls.

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