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Birds Without Wings


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I just picked up Birds Without Wings, by Louis de Berniers who also wrote, among other titles, Corelli's Mandolin which I gather was quite well received although I have not read it.

Anyway, I'm finding this book to be a real page turner. It's fiction based in Anatolia. Think it's going to be a great read as well as useful instruction on the clash of cultures that was taking place there both before and during TGW.

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Agreed, it is a marvellous read with a real sense of the trauma and disposition the war created for those on the ground in Turkey.


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A very interesting book, similar in style to 'Captain Correlli's Mandolin', to which it is a sort of prequel. There are common themes, notably in the depiction of a rural idyll torn apart by the external forces of international conflict and the ambitions of 'great' men. As usual with Bernieres, there are some horrific and disturbing scenes.
Incidentally, Ken, some of the characters from 'Birds...' reappear in 'Correlli'. Don't bother with the film travesty of the latter book.

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The depiction of the fighting at Gallipoli from the Turkish point of view is spine chilling.

A very good book which made a terrific impression on me.

Phil (PJA)

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