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soldiers captured after retreat from mons munster fusiliers


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I have been told that about 450 soldiers were captured by the germans after the retreat from mons. My grandfather Henry Harrington No. 9811 was there. It was suggested to me that he may have been captured as a man of his name was captured. Does any record still exist of the captured soldiers? Is it possible to find out for sure if a soldier was captured or not?

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WW1POW details are still held by the Red Cross in Switzerland. They stopped accepting enquiries 2 years ago to start a digitisation process which ought to be completed in time for the centenary. Sorry I can't attach a link via my iPhone but I am sure if you google something like WW1 POW RED CROSS FILES you will find the site.


Steve Y

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I think Henry Harrington was number 9811 rather than 9918.

There was a 9811 Private H. Harrington on the very long list of Missing from the Royal Munster Fusiliers on page 4 of the Times of 21 October 1914 - these were men missing, many of which became POWs, at the rearguard action at Etreux on 27th August 1914.


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Thanks Steve I since found there were 2 Henry Harringtons in the Munsters. My man was not the one captured. The Henryvthat was survived and went back to Cork after the war.


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Since the last post a clipping of the times missing list and a letter from the soldiers and sailers families association was found in the back of an old picture frame. The pics attached show a bit of the detail. 9811 was Henry's number so looks like he was a pow briefly.post-104757-0-66621400-1400012105_thumb.



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