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Hoping someone can help me with some information on the below service record.

1) This man was posted to the 1st Bn and then I believe wounded around the 15th Mar 1917. I think the Bn was somewhere near St Pierre Vasst Wood, but if someone can help from the Bn war Diary, it would help me find a location.

2) He was sent home to recover and then (I think) sent to the GD - Guards Depot???

3) He then seems to have got in a spot of trouble for 'obstruction'??? What would classify obstruction?

4) In August 1918, he then seems to be posted somewhere else (on the left it looks like Gdsm 22185, but I can't make it out? It does not seem to be back to the front as his BEF dates go no further than the 15th Mar 1917, when he was wounded.

Any help is very welcome.


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The 1st Bn CG spent the period prior to 15th March in the Fregicourt Sect moving between the front line Fregicourt Trenches and Camp X at Maurepas. they sent out fighting patrols on the 13th being relieved by the 2nd Bn Irish Guards at 1900 on the 14th.

Without more information, 'Obstruction' could be obstructing the course of justice, 14 days would seem right.

I'm sure an expert will be along shortly.

Regards Charles

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Who is the man ? If you want any diaries send me a pm

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