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Liege Forts


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Hi all

I will be in Liege in April for a bike race, and have a spare day. I am keen to visit the Liege forts and was wondering if anyone has visited these and could suggest which of the forts they would recommend?

Alternatively, are there other WW1 sites near Liege that are worth a visit?

Many thanks, Jonathan

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Loncin is definitely the most impressive and best preserved, even though it is destroyed!

Note the British who are listed on the memorial there.

The museum is worth a long visit. I would be grateful if you could give the name of the breed of dog which pulled the machinguns (it came up on a forum many years ago, and I can't remember it and haven't been for years).

There are at least two others which are open at various times, but only Loncin is open pretty much all the time (or was).

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This has nothing to do with Liège but only the dogs. As the Fourth Mixed Brigade marched its 18 km north to engage in the battle of Halen the dogs of the Maxim became worn out in the heat. They have to be left at farms and soldiers had to pull the machine gun carts the rest of the way.

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Loncin is definitely worth a visit, I was lucky enough to be given a tour by one of the english speaking guides there (in May, 2011), the tour took about two and a half hours and was very informative - one of the highlights (?) being the re-creation of the explosion made as the 42 cm. shell penetrated the fort in August 1914. The monument to the Belgian dead, some of which remain entombed under fallen concrete, is also quite impressive. If you have the time you might want to go on to Fort de Lantin which is the next fort to the east (a short distance away from Loncin), it was only lightly damaged and gives you a better idea of how the forts were designed (if I remember correctly the tour there was self-guided).

Have a good trip,


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Dave thanks very much - that is very helpful. Sounds like Loncin is the highlight - and I will try to also get to Lantin if I have time.

Thanks, Jonathan

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