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Brigadier - General F S Edwards, CB CMG DSO KPM

Kitchener's Bugle

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Kitchener's Bugle

Recently took this image and thought that I would share.

This is very likely a unique group. Exceptional collection including the Russian Order of St.Anne and the Order of Aviz (Portugal). On display at the Military Keep Museum, Dorchester.



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Very interesting, as B-i-L lives in East Budleigh, and I bet he knows nothing of this chap!

I also suspect we'll hear from our East Africa expert shortly with some more....

The undermentioned are granted temporary rank whilst serving in East Africa: —As Lieutenant-Colonel
Captain William F. S. Edwards, D.S.O., Reserve of Officers. Dated 22nd November, 1914. (London Gazette
During the initial months of the Great War Uganda and British East Africa (BEA) both formed Police Service Battalions and so quickly produced more combat troops. Whilst the Ugandan Police Battalion was immediately deployed to counter the military threat along the German East Africa border, BEA had to also counter security problems in the northern regions of Turkanaland, Jubaland and along the Abyssinian border.
Normally the King's African Rifles (KAR) was deployed on northern frontier security duties. However, until Indian Army troops arrived, the KAR was needed to counter German Schutztruppe demolition patrols that were targeting the Uganda Railway line and infiltrating across the border from Lake Victoria down to Mombasa.
The BEA Police selected 400 Askari for the Police Service Battalion plus twelve European officers and two Warrant Officers. The Commanding Officer was Brevet Major W.F.S. Edwards, DSO, Inspector General of the East Africa and Uganda Police.
As mentioned, enough there to act as armour plating!
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Steven Broomfield

I suspect his servant had a few things to say. Impressive though - thanks for sharing. As I live less than an hour's drive from Dorchester I really should make the effort one day!

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Lt Col (Dr) Ivan Edwards

On the 25th May 1906 Captain (Later Brigadier – General) W.F.S Edwards, DSO arrived in Uganda to take up the post of Inspector General of the Uganda Protectorate Police. After 1906, the Uganda Armed Constabulary was renamed Uganda Police Force.




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