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Pte George William Goodman 2776 & 50658, (Imperial Camel Corps).

LCpl Lee Cope

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I've been looking some more into the "Goodman" side of my family tree and came across a medal card and some photo's of Pvt George William Goodman: born: 27 May 1898 in Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire.

George William Cope served with the Staffordshire Yeomanry and the Corps of Hussars.

I managed to find a couple of photo's on Ancestry.

Photo 1) Titled: Joe, Jack, Damant and Darkie in the Camel Corp's in Egypt just after WW1.

Photo 2) A photo with no description, but the photo makes more sense, now I know his regiment.

Photo 3) George's medal card.

From what I read the time spent in Egypt looks like a very interesting part of WW1 and one region that I've not explored yet.

George William Goodman survived the war, but frustratingly I cannot find a service record or pension record for either of his regimental numbers. Annoying to say the least! Damn that fire that destroyed most of the records!




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Pte ("Pvt" is a touch American) Goodman would have enlisted initially into the Staffs Yeomanry and proceeded overseas with them, but when the Territorial Force was incorporated into the army proper, he would have been renumbered into the Corps of Hussars, so the first number is his Yeomanry number and the second his Hussars number.

Afraid I don't know a lot about them, though - but it looks like he had some fun!

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Thanks Steven Broomfield,

I'm just reading about the Imperial Camel Corps now.

I know that Camels were used during the War, but a Camel Corps? That's brilliant!

The hat he's wearing makes complete sense compared to the photo I've just found on Wikipedia of the Australian Camel Corps, but the uniform is still a mystery to me, maybe it's some sort of fancy dress?


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Details on the Staffordshire Yeomanry can be found in the Long, Long Trail (click on the link top left).


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The 2nd photo with the lasso is a complete red herring, it'd be taken in a photo studio and he's dressed up like a silent era cowboy, nothing to do with Camel Corps uniform.

As for his time in the Camel Corps, as Ant pointed out there's a good piece in the Long Long Trail http://www.1914-1918.net/staffsyeo.htm on the Staffs Yeo, with one part sticking out, dated 13 March 1916 it says "several men transferred to the Imperial Camel Corps (ICC) at this time" maybe he was one of them.

Quick search of CWGC finds this man http://www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead/casualty/897094/BLACKWELL,%20V Victor Blackwell, only 8 numbers away from George's "Camel Corps" number and he was also Staffs Yeo http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/SearchUI/s/res?_fn=&_ln=blackwell&_no=50650&_crp=&_ttl=&_ser=WO+372&_dt=M&_col=online&image1.x=14&image1.y=22 David Bennett only 10 of George's number http://www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead/casualty/1644406/BENNETT,%20DAVID was also ex Staffs Yeo http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/SearchUI/s/res?_fn=&_ln=bennett&_no=50648&_crp=&_ttl=&_ser=WO+372&_dt=M&_col=online&image1.x=38&image1.y=14 Ernest Whitehouse http://www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead/casualty/897561/WHITEHOUSE,%20E again ex Staffs Yeo http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/SearchUI/s/res?_fn=&_ln=whitehouse&_no=50636&_crp=&_ttl=&_ser=WO+372&_dt=M&_col=online&image1.x=57&image1.y=15 As you can see Blackwell and Whitehouse were both 10th Coy ICC, Bennett simply states 1st Camel Corps on his Medal Card, might be worth looking to say if their Service Records survived, although not a certainty, it could be he transferred to the same company with them.

Check the numbers around George's ICC number for ex Staffs Yeo men (I'd suggest the National Archives rather than Ancestry as they're more user friendly) it should give you a bigger pool of men to check on Ancestry for Service or Pension records.

I reckon I've found one of the men in your photo #1 "Damant" is almost certainly George L Damant Staffs Yeo and Hussars http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/SearchUI/s/res?_fn=&_ln=damant&_no=&_crp=hussars&_ttl=&_ser=WO+372&_dt=M&_col=online&image1.x=65&image1.y=11 only 4 off George's number.


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Thanks a lot folks! I'll take all that information on-board.

This photo shows "Darkie" (from the above camel photo), with George's wife Dorothy May Harrison.

I have a "George Louis Damant" born: 1897 in Burton Upon Trent and he was married to George's younger sister " Elizabeth A Goodman".

Dorothy is also known as "Doll", and this photo was taken around the 1930's; after WW1.

The time in the desert (as well I know) on Camels must have been a complete contrast to being back home in the Midlands.


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Pte George Louis Damant: Staffordshire Yeomanry: 2775 & Imperial Camel Corps: 50654.

Pte George William Goodman: Staffordshire Yeomanry: 2776 & Imperial Camel Corps: 50658.

Damant was George William Goodmans brother in law and they both served in the same regiment - pretty much shadowed each other the whole way by the looks of it.

Mates until the end!


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