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26th DAC RFA - 32nd AA section RGA


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I have the MIC for Gunner Jabez Timmiss showing RFA #63546 and RGA #197450 and awarded trio. Landed France 21 Sep 1915.

His service records are on Ancestry showing - Attested and posted 29 Dec 1914 at Newcastle upon Tyne No1 depot RFA . 26th Div Arty AC RFA posted 11 Jan 1915. 32nd AA Sect posted 4 Mar 1917. RGA transferred 14 Dec 1917.

I have all his personal details, birth , marriage , death etc and a family tree.

I am seeking further details of his military career

Can anyone assist in deciphering his service record to give some indication of where in France he would have served and attachments please ?

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I would recommend you change your thread title to include 26th DAC RFA and 33 AA Section RGA. There is a forum member who has researched the AA Sections in Salonika and it may be easier for him to pick this up.

In the meantime you could have a look at http://www.1914-1918.net/26div.htm .


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Thank you kevrow - Title now amended

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Deciphered it - 26th Division artillery ammunition column Royal Field Artillery , 32nd Anti Aircraft section :thumbsup:

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