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Uniform identification please

Guest Josie

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Help please - this photo is my Nan born 1900 in Tilehurst near Reading and in 1916 was living in Picton Villas Langley near Slough.

I would really appreciate any information about this photo. What was this uniform and what was she likely to have been doing around the time the photo was taken?

Someone I know thought she might have been in the land army

Thank you (this is my first post).


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I can't quite make out the cap badge, but I would hazard a guess to say that she was a 'driver', maybe ambulance.


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Hi Josie,

Welcome to the Forum.

This could be W.A.A.C., Women's Auxiliary Army Corps, I think?


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Welcome to the Forum. Unfortunately, due to the angle of her cap it is extremely difficult to work out - it could even be a RFC or RAF badge. I have recently been involved in looking up a woman who was employed at the No1 School of Aviation which was on the University Site in Reading.

What was your Grandmother's full name? We may be able to find a trace of her.


Nb I had relations living at Horncastle, Tilehurst at the same time as your Nan!

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