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2nd Battalion, East Lancs Regiment - 27th Feb 1915


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My Great Uncle, John Edward BAINBRIDGE has no known grave but is commemorated at Le Touret.

He was shot through the eye and died instantly. The details of his death are as given below:

Death Date: 27th Feb 1915

Rank: Private

Regiment: East Lancashire Regiment

Battalion: 2nd Battalion.

Number: 5736

Type of Casualty: Killed in action

Theatre of War: Aldershot

Can anyone provide me with details of the actions of his Battalion on that date?

Many thanks,


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From what i can find, it does not seem they were involved in any battle as such.

War diary would be best bet even not digitised. But its a possibilty might be up before long as more to be added this month

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They were in 'A-Lines' in the vicinity of 'Port Arthur' between Richebourg and Neuve Chapelle. Here's the War Diary encompassing the 27th Feb....



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I thank you most warmly for that information.

I finally feel that I am getting closer to learning about his final few months.

Kind regards,


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Please could some knowledgable and kind soul hazard a guess at why JEB would have no known grave and is, instead, commemorated on the memorial?

It appears from the war diary that he was killed during a period of 'relative' quiet, and he was the only fatality on that day; his death appears to have happened within his own trench. What would have been the likely sequence of events after his death?

With many thanks.


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He would most likely have been buried near the trench as it was often too hazardous to carry a body out. Even if his burial spot was marked, it was either destroyed by later warfare or simply could not be found again years later after the war.


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