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M2 - 150027 -A/CPL WALTER E WEST - ASC - MM


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Dear Forum Members,

I am trying to assist family members find out when, where and why Acting Corporal Walter .E . West won his MM ??

I have checked out his medal index card and his number is the only one issued and he was entitled to a victory and British war medal.

Against the victory medal is described "RASC/101.102/10388". (Serial Number : M2-150027)

(I have found no success in trawling the London Gazette online but I have to confess finding this a difficult site.)

I would greatly appreciate any help or guidance in order to assist the family who are anxious to solve a long standing mystery. I would like to point out I am not a professional researcher in any way and my conversation took place in a random meeting in a London Pub a while ago.

If possible I would like to track down any relevant war diary entries covering the date of his MM action and for the period before it to describe his locations and the activities of his unit.

Thanks to all who view this posting.


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  • Admin

Well here's the Gazette reference http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/30540/supplements/2433

Dated 23 February 1918, conventional wisdom suggests the MM was in LG 3 months after the event so Cambrai/3rd Ypres?

M2 indicates mechanical transport but difficult to pin down a unit. The number 101 etcyou have posted is the reference in the RASC Medal Rolls which are not online but at TNA and in the case of the ASC do not always give the unit.

Few citations for the MM have survived local newspaper (Bristol) is your best bet. You could also try the Absent Voter List for 1918 which may be held locally to identify his unit.


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This should be the medal index card for his MM. It is only available on TNA (not Ancestry). There is probably little info on it, such as Gazette reference (which Ken has already given).

It does however appear that he was attached to the HAC at the time.


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Thank you so much for your responses.

This gives me so much more and a chance via the Bristol connection to open up the story for the family.

With all that you have supplied they will be delighted.

Hopefully I can push this even further.

Many thanks.


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  • 2 months later...

Mm was won for get some officers away from germans and then going back to recover the something left behind

seethe british newspaper archive

Western Daily Press - Thursday 21 February 1918

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