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WWI/Italian-American Patriotic Poster Attic Find: Help!


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Hi all,

I good friend of mine's brother-in-law who restores homes found this poster in the attic of a home he is working on. The owner told him he could have it. I have so far struck out in finding out anything about it. It's interesting as it has its captions in both English and Italian. Apologies for the initial blurry shot, I have asked for a clearer one.






I will also ask my friend if the reverse of the poster can be seen re: manufacturer's info, etc.

Anyone seen this one before?


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Not seen anything like it before, but that is a fantastic find!! Very interesting. I wonder if it's from the Italian American communities in the States?

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I note from one of the union flags shown that England appears to have seceded from the UK leaving it to Wales, Scotland and Ireland!

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