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Daniel Murphy - Royal Munster Fusiliers


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I was able to locate my grandfather Daniel Murphy's MIC card and SWB record on Ancestry using his regimental # (6792 - Royal Munster Fusiliers) from his campaign medals. I have a few questions about some of the information listed on the records. The theatre of war is listed as 2 (a) Balkans which would seem to confirm my mother’s statement that he was in the Dardanelles and was wounded there, hence the Silver War Badge. Does that mean he was in the battle at Gallipoli? What does the qualifying date (29/6/15) mean - when he was actually there or when the medals were awarded?

His MIC lists him as a pte (private?) but his SWB records says L/Cpl. (Lance Corporal?) so I assume that means he was promoted somewhere along the way. I admit that I am quite ignorant about military ranking - so is L/Cpl. a step above a private or a couple of steps above? What would some of the reasons for promotion be?

The SWB records lists his date of enlistment as 31/10/12 and discharge as 29/1/18 so he was in the army for quite awhile so I imagine he had to serve in others places besides the Balkans but where? I tried to read up on the Royal Munster Fusiliers but found it confusing to sort out which battalion, division or brigade was which. The cause of discharge is listed as 2. (a) (1) - what does that mean? My mother said that he got an army pension but so far I have been unable to find him in the British Army pension records on Ancestry - although there are a lot of Daniel Murphys from Cork listed there!

I’d appreciate any help anyone could provide me about better understanding my grandfather’s records.

Thank you,


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Thank you for the link about the military ranking. I've bookmarked the site for future reference. His promotion may have been related to his long length of service.

Any suggestions on where to find out what Army order 2. (a) (1) meant on my grandfather's cause of discharge in 1918?


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