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William David Toogood


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Nothing else apart from these bare bones. He was a ''legionaire'' ie British Legion. hes the older one, looks like Salonika or somewhere. He was born in Barton on Humber and died of TB in 1933.

are there any Brit Legion records in archives at all or service number anything would be good ....Cheers Sean ps I got all his birth and marriage details.


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Found so far on Ancestry

Name: William David Toogood

Age in 1911: 26

Estimated birth year: abt 1885

Relation to Head: Head

Gender: Male

Birth Place: Barton, Lancashire, England

Civil Parish: Barton upon Humber

County/Island: Lincolnshire

Country: England

Street address: 41 High Street Barton On Humber

Marital Status: Married

Occupation: Cycle Bake Maher

Registration district: Glanford Brigg

Registration District Number: 424

Sub-registration district: Barton

ED, institution, or vessel: 16

Piece: 20110

Household Members:

Name Age

William David Toogood 26

Emily Phoebe Toogood 27

George Gilbert Toogood 3

Ada Elizabeth Toogood 10/12

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Just looked at this and had a thought on a name variation.

The Toogood name sounds something like a mate of mine from the army.....Cpl David Duigood REME, pronounced 'Doogood'.

I put this in the search field and up came W C Digwood with a note to see W D Bigwood.

The MIC which came up was to an No.4331 Airman Class 2 of the RFC into theatre 07/12/1917 2b Balkans.

Looking at the forage cap and style of dress, plus the 2b theatre.........just made me think it is a possibilty. Knowing how the NA, Ancestry and the sometimes hit-and-miss ways of recording information the military had a habit of making a hash of.

Just a thought, anyway :mellow:


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Thanks for the information everyone, I will look into this. apparently there is more stuff coming from the son. There is a single match on forces war records site but nowehere else name is Toogood for sure i know the family could be possibly air mech as you say, I will wait and see what the grandson brings next.

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A question!

Not related to the 'Toogood' research, but to one of the chaps mentioned at the bottom of your threads.

"A.E.Mills, a boy who went to war."

Is this person 'Albert Edward Mills' 1898-1971, born Dover, lived in Barton-upon-Humber, son of John James Mills born Liverpool 1863-1836 Brigg (district), a career soldier & RFA Sergeant who served in India and Annie Johnson, born in Cottingham/Hull in 1866-1958 Scunthorpe?

Any relation?

It is just that I an undertaking some family history and 240793 Albert Edward Mills 1/5th Lincs from Barton came up.

With your links to Barton, the not entirely common name (how many Albert Edward Mills were born 1898, a boy in 1914, and at some point lived in Barton?), and the military links to Kent.

I have just looked up on ancestry while pondering the name on your thread.

Am I clutching at straws.....or am I correct.


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Yes Richard that is all correct. Loads of info on the Blog page, I interviewed brother Bertie and his good wife in 1988ish.

Albert born in Dover Bertie born in India seen this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paddy_Mills

BAck to my Man. No MIC but got his number m2/290461 on mechanical transport in the 74th division it must have come from family. Ive done a page on him now, dont know if his number is a Yeomanry one, cold by ERYY bits and pieces arriving.

Another clue he was on the SS Transylvania when it was torpedoed on its way to Salonika.

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Nice one, Sean. I did do a search on Paddy Mills, the footballer. Brilliant to see ^_^

As for your mans number, it looks like the Army Service Corps, the M2 prefix is ASC Motor transport.

There was something in the past ringing a bell for me here, with regard to the ERYY changing to ASC.


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Thanks Richard the photo looks like he could be involved in that kind of work, as a Barton man, he looks like the types who still roar about on their bikes

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Well Sean, there is a Brigg lad here who has been about on his old bone shaker type bike. This one has no engine.....as my legs have just found out! :whistle:

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Hi again RIchard, stay safe on them bloody things! Time served with the metalwork to match haha. One of my Barton men was interesting enough a motorbike salesman for Hoppers in 1914, must have been very interesting work back then. Hoppers produced a few motrocycles whereabouts now unknown.

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