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Watching rugby in Ypres

michael wilmot

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My brother and i are lucky enough to be spending the weekend of March 7th to the 10th in the sailent and were wondering where the best place would be to watch the England/Wales game on Sunday afternoon?.

Have been to Ypres a couple of times but can't remember many T.V screens in the bars,Good at the time but not when you want to watch something.

Hopefully someone may be able to point us in the right direction.



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Last time I was in Ypres when England played Wales, the Old Bill pub just up the road from the Novotel had a couple of dozen Welsh battlefield visitors watching it on TV. They had come prepared, with their shirts, hats etc. Maybe worth a try?


(Worth a try - geddit?)

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I'll be looking for a bar in Malta!


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If open, the Times Bar will always put on the rugby, but when we were in Ypres last year the owner advised us that he was having the Sunday afternoon off and recommended his mate's bar (the Old Bill) where a highly enjoyable afternoon was had by all!

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Thanks for the replys,Looks like i shall head to The old bill then.

Cheers Micky

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