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Bedfordshire Airfields

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I am currently researching airfields in the central Bedfordshire & Luton area. I have info on possible airfields at Biggleswade, Ampthill (Cow bridge), , Flitwick, Leagrave, Lewsey and Eaton Bray/Leighton Buzzard area (although I think this may be RAF Stanbridge).

I would be really grateful if anyone can substantiate these as being genuine sites - the Biggleswade one I have locational information for, but the others are more tenuous,and any confirmation of location would be most helpful. I do have info on other sites, these are the ones I am particularly interested in.

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I think there was a aircraft factory at Leagrave but I don't know about an airstrip. A google of RFC may find some info,

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You might check with members RASTER SCANNING (John) and PIPER (Richard) on this.

I know John has photos of aircraft assembly works Omnia? (see the Bedfordshire thread)


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Biggleswade was a 3rd Class Night Landing Ground, opened for 75 (HD) Sqn in July 1917 but closed two months later because the unit had moved eastward to Flight Stations in Suffolk.

Flitwick was given the suffix Ampthill - common practice where minor locations were given an association with larger nearby settlements. It, too, was A NLG for 75 (HD) Sqn and was open from January to July 1917 and closed for the same reason as Biggleswade.

Leagrave was a 91 acre site, just to the north of the village, that was surveyed as a possible RFC aerodrome on 10 February 1916 but not taken up for use. The H&B factory was to the south of the village and some test flying may have taken place from adjacent fields, but I've yet to find documentary evidence.

Leighton Buzzard (Scot's Field) was a temporary aerodrome, used in 1919 by Morgan & Co to fly out the Vimys they produced to Hendon.

These are the not only recorded flying sites in that area of Bedfordshire - there was, of course, Henlow.

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