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Can anyone please help identify the regiment here....I know the quality of the photo is not great...sorry. This is my great uncle William George Murphy, born 1889 in Greenock, Scotland. I have absolutely no idea what regiment he served in so finding a place to start to trace his service records (if available) or trace his regiments movements in WW1 is nigh impossible. He survived the war and passed away in 1967. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Looking at the Royal Air Force Formation Muster Rolls (1st April, 1918) there is only one W.G.Murphy
(Free view)

The actual page shown on Findmypast reveals
17346 Sergeant Mechanic Murphy W.G. joined the Royal Flying Corps on 6th January, 1916. His trade was a Rigger (A.E.). He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant on 1st March, 1918.

See http://www.findmypast.co.uk/records/military/raf/indexes/view-image/92027 (Pay to view)

RAF service papers are not currently available on line but his original document can be viewed at the National Archives. They can be easily found using his service number - see here

These documents have been scanned and are due to be made available, via Findmypast, later this year (hopefully!)


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Hi guys, thank you so much for your quick response and info. I have seen one or two examples of this tunic but wasn't sure if it was exclusive to RFC/RAF. I had also been unable to find any info on William but I had been searching army only (I don't know why but I never considered RFC!) Thank you again. :thumbsup:

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Hello again, to Sepoy...sorry to be a pest and please excuse my ignorance but what does the (A.E) stand for? Thanks for your patience

I must admit I am not 100% certain but it may stand for aero engine??? No doubt someone will correct me if I am wrong :)

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