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Lancashire Fusiliers SNCO cap badge


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Hi All,

I have seen OR's cap badges in bi metal of white metal and Brass/copper , Officers of bronze metal but I was just wondering, would there have been a different badge for a senior non commissioned officer, ie full seargent or warrant officer.

please could any one shed any light on this, If so were would i be able to find an example or has any one on the forum got any picture's to share.

Regards Shane

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Shane. According to Kipling and King (the Bible on cap badges) the L/Fs badge was as follows - White metal scroll, remainder in gilding metal, Officers : in gilt-and-silver, also in bronze. Hope this helps. Ralph.

Edit; Mark Hone (member) of the L/Fs museum Bury should be able to assist you.

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Further to this thread ,I thought i might add a couple of photos of a Lacashire Fusiliers cap badge that is different to the other which are more common,

Could this be an officers cap badge.

Regards Shane



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The Lancashire Fusilers was quite unusual in not having any different badges for its officers and other ranks after 1898, other than in terms of the metals that the badge was constructed from. The ORs much later (after WW2) adopted a cloth badge representative of the cloth helmet flashes that its soldiers wore at Spion Kop in the 2nd Anglo/Boer War, but i am not sure if the officers followed suit when wearing berets. I suspect not.

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I think the badge shown in the images (I have a couple of the same badge) may be a Birmingham Mint collector's series Lancashire Fusiliers badge. I havn't compared the two I have in hand with the mint condition Birmingham Mint badge I have, but I think it quite likely that they are the same badge, just with the finish removed and a rub over with abrasives to give them a worn appearance.

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One of the worn conditioned badges I have and a shiney, good condition Birmingham Mint badge.

Compared side by side they are similar but not from the same die, slight differences include the flame patterns, and the depth of the ball of the Birmingham Mint Badge is noticeably shallower than that of the other badge.










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