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Leopardstown Park hospital, Dublin


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I received this interesting picture from a friend recently of patients and staff of Leopardstowns Park Hospital which I would like to share on this forum. The caption reads, " Veterans of the 1914 War at Leopardstown Park Hospital after treatment. Southern Brigade, British Army."

Leopardstown Park Hospital was established in 1917 as a hospital and home, for the care and treatment for soldiers who have been diabled or injured in the British Armed Forces. The hospital continued to operate for more than fifty years caring for Ex-Service personnel. The Hospital has become home to many disabled soldiers, which of course it still is today. By the early seventies the number of residents had decreased to less than half of the beds in use. On the first of April 1979, Leopardstown Park Hospital Board took over full responsibility for the running of the Hospital.

I suppose the odds of getting names to match the picture will be a long one, and in which case I hope you enjoy the picture as a stand alone remembrance image of those who served and survived, and by the look on some of their faces, not unscathed.

If anyone wants a high res image (8MB), just send me a PM and I will be happy to oblige.




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