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Death plaque/memorial. Advice sought


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Hi, this is my first post so excuse if I have breached any house rules. I couldn't find the correct forum to introduce myself.

I'll jump straight in with a question and hope one of the replies will point me in the right direction to formally introduce myself.

I have recently been through my late fathers possessions ( took me a while seeing as he passed in 1990) and came across a war office specimen death plaque dated 1920.

Anybody have any information on these. I have some other plaques relating to family members who died in the Great War and know a little about the plaques issued to service personnel who paid the ultimate price.

I know only what Google was able to supply on these specimens I.e. They were for each relevant government department to approve but would be interested in any other information.



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welcome. any chance of a pic of the plaque ?

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I'm on an iPad and can't seem to reduce the size of the photo to upload it. Technophobe I'm afraid

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We have a number of threads on specimen plaques on the BMF. The last I saw sold was in 2011 for 375£, that was on the forum and not ebay.



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