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LLT Hospital admission and discharge records


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I used to be able to access the list of hospital admission and discharge records on the LLT under news and views but the link seems to be broken now (Error 404 - page not found). Are these news topics deleted after a while? Or is it a technical problem?

Any help appreciated.

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Failed for me as well,

Thanks johnboy, at least I know it's not an issue at my end. The list was quite handy. I wonder if it can be restored. The links on the other news pages I tried seem to be working perfectly.

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If I had not spotted this thread while browsing the GWF I would have remained unaware that there was a problem with the page. I shall investigate.

BACK AGAIN: I can see what it is. I moved the page a while ago but there is still a lurking link to the old page (which I will now correct). Clicking that link brings up the 404. Here is the new URL: http://www.1914-1918.net/soldiers/hospitaladmissions.html

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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You're welcome and thank you. The new link is working fine. Oh happy day! I'm off to search the list.

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