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"Act of Courage" records?

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I have come across a service record which notes an Act of Courage.

Where might one find the details?

I have no date for the act itself. A note refers to "Act of Courage posted in Vth Army Routine orders published 17 July 1918 and in 306 Brigade orders 1 Aug 1918."

Are the Orders likely to give the details of this act and where are the Orders filed?

Driver Charles Naul Driver 659 840436 signed on under age in Jan 1915 with 4th South Midlands Brigade in Coventry and served with 306 Brigade.

Any expert guidance would be appreciated. I have not come across this before.

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12 in 1911 Census.If his age was known he shouldn't have gone until early 1918.

There might be something in the Orders in the 306 Brigade RFA War Diary,ref WO95/3042/3,but not digital yet. 61 Division.

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