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Seale Hayne hospital centenary project

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Dear All

I have volunteered myself to join the archive team for Seale Hayne, with specific leanings towards the use of Seale Hayne as a neurological unit headed by Arthur Hurst during WWI. The full press release is reproduced below which outlines the background and desired outcomes for a centenary event.

Knowing the wealth of knowledge the forum is able to offer I shall no doubt be posting on a variety of subjects many of which are new to me. I am not asking for anyone to do the work for us. I will have done as much background research and gleaned what I can from the forum and elsewhere before posting.

The subject matter for posts is likely to include : uniforms, decorations, cap badges, handwriting problems, record interpretations, SWB lists, hospital admin., nurses, nursing, QMAAC etc etc.

The WWI archive at present includes about 60 photographs simply left behind when the agricultural college closed. Patients, nurses, senior staff including Hurst are all present, some individuals are named but most are not.

I shall tag all the posts with ‘Seale Hayne’ and try to make it clear in the title if there is room. Mistakes of any kind will be mine and replies from me in Seale Hayne tagged posts will be mine and not those of the archive team.

If I could ask one thing here it would be that if anyone spots a Seale Hayne entry in Service or Pension records they could PM me a name, link or contact me via my profile. I have found a handful recently so there must be many more out there.



Seale-Hayne Neurological Military Hospital.

An appeal for information.

Later this year, Dame Hannah Rogers Trust (DHRT), which now owns the former Seale-Hayne Agricultural College at Newton Abbot Devon will be starting an event to commemorate the contribution that Seale-Hayne made to the First World War effort; and by uncanny heritage, how those events have resonance with DHRT objectives today.

The Seale-Haynians (alumni) Club are assisting by trying to trace descendants of the patients and staff who were at Seale-Hayne Military Hospital in the hope they may hold photographs and correspondence of their forebear’s experiences. We plan with contributors’ permission, to have these records for viewing and to make a reference library.

For fifteen months from April 1918, Seale-Hayne Agricultural College was offered to the War Office and became Seale-Hayne Neurological Military Hospital. It was the only specialist hospital in the country treating privates and NCO’s afflicted by Shell-Shock. Over 300 of the most refractory patients were moved to Seale-Hayne. The distinguished neurologist and physician at Guy’s hospital Sir Arthur Hurst was commissioned to become O/C at Seale-Hayne. He was a remarkable man and used completely novel, innovative methods of “persuasion and re-education”. His results were spectacular and effected apparently “miracle cures”, sometimes within hours. By good fortune, examples of his work at Seale-Hayne were recorded on film, much of it quite harrowing, by Pathe Bros. “Seale-Hayne Military Hospital” www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL5noVCpVKw;

Now, nearly 100 years later, Hannahs at Seale-Hayne has come “full circle” as an inspiration for helping the handicapped in need and just as Sir Arthur Hurst did all those years ago by using education and innovative methods. Moreover, the Warrior Group, which helps today’s soldiers affected by PTSD meets at Hannahs at Seale-Hayne; history repeating itself.

If anyone reading this article has forebears who were in any way connected with Seale-Hayne Military Hospital and has any records, we would be very pleased to hear from them. We can be contacted by leaving a message on our website www.seale-hayne.com;

Raymond Bartlett

Chairman, The Seale-Hayniansee

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Hannahs has now closed down , no doubt the site will be sold off for development :-(

I was at Seale Ag college in the 80's. 

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Yes, almost fell to developers some years ago. Sad really to see it go that way.


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