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While in Dundee Balgay Cemetery last weekend I was photographing all the Black Watch headstones and I came across this panel. It was in an area where there were a lot of CWGC headstones. There was no problem with subsidance but some were commerated this way when others have their very own headstone. Seems a bit unfair so why? ( I have also seen this in Aberdeen also a very stable cemetery)


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This type of screen wall can be found in several large local authority cemeteries in the UK. The screen wall bears names over which it has not been possible to erect headstones. There can be many reasons for this.

- Unstable ground

- Ground prone to flooding

- Cemetery authority refused permission (over common graves)

- Common graves reused for multiple burials and so one stone inappropriate

- Relatives refused permission

- Graves destroyed by bombing in WW2

- Private headstone war graves fallen into disrepair and authority/relatives refused permission for CWGC stone

- Buried in unknown location

One or a combination of the above can be the cause.

In the case of Balgay, the screen wall is listed in the original 1931 register and so it must be there for one of the 'lack of permission' reasons (not all local authorities play ball with CWGC - not today and not then).

The screen wall form of commemoration is also used in UK crematoria for war grave casualties.

This screen wall commemorates men who are not buried in the official war plot and so it looks like it was most likely due to authority/relatives request. Incidentaly, the register does give their grave number and so the spots can be found to see if there is any private stone.

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Thanks Terry

With so many other CWGC stones in the in the cemetery which is on a hill so flooding is out, stability is ok in this one. I feel myself it must be family refusal.

I did check for family stones as quite a few others are, but none in these cases.


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