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Remembered Today:

Unidentified uniform. Can anyone help?


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Dear Fiona,

Senior officer. Cocked hat suggests something to do with Guards or the court.

Does the photo have the name of the photographer?



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The photo I have doesn't have the name of the photographer.

When I first saw the photo I thought it was Sir (Alfred) Claud Hollis, 1874 - 1961, because of the plume and the fact that he was Governor General of Trinidad.

However other photos with cloaks etc have shown him with white hair and it has been suggested that this man is in the dress uniform of a captain, regiment unknown (??).


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Pre-68 as he wears the slashed cuff. Three buttons are normal for the line. Didn't become a Guards"thing" until later. No collar badges either. Impossible to tell which regt. Possibly a court uniform of somekind.



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