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Remembered Today:

40th Squadron Bruay (France)


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Great photo! Can you identify any others? I am doing a book and would love to use this, as 2 of my subjects were with 40. Is Gwilyn Lewis in this photo?


M. Joslyn :)

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Left to right:

Capt William Leeming Harrison (Canadian) 12 Claims,

G.A.B. Wheldon(equip officer),


N.S. Cameron, no known claims.

Lt Cecil W. Usher, 4 claims?

Lt John Wilson Wallwork 5 Claims,

Capt John Henry Tudhope(South Africa) 10 claims,

Capt G.H. Lewis (no introduction required),

Maj Roderick Stanley Dallas (Australian, No intro req.),

Padre B.W. Keymer,

Lt L.H. Sutton. 1 claim?

Photo from April 1918.

Stan Dallas was KIA 1/6/18.

Sutton had pranged A8898 the month before this, on landing, this had been Albert Ball's personal aircraft in May 1917. The month after the photo he force landed B157 in a field and was slightly injured.

Cameron SHOULD have been known as "Crash". Three crash landings resulting in write off in June 18 (11th, 26th, 28th) and another (after Archie hit) on 8th July, a/c written off.


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Thanks Darryl,

Any chance I can use this in my book? If so, could you just email a good high resolution to me?


Hi Mauriel

Sorry, I don't have the copyright....but if you contact Cross & Cockade International, they should know who does. The picture appeared years ago in an article on 40 Sqn. Probably worth you getting hold of Vol 4 No 4 and Vol 5 No.1.

The information in my last post comes from:




Wind in the Wires

SE5 File





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Interesting Darryl, your info doesn't quite match mine.

The photo has I have it labeled (this one came from Usher) says:

L - R. Harrison, ?, Wheldon (equip officer), Douglas (arament officer), Tudhope, Wallwork, Shorty Horsley (6'4"), Lewis, Dallas, Padre Keymer ans Sutton.

Anyone got anything else on this pic. There are lots of copies around the place and I don't think it is copyrighted under the new laws.

BTW that's Bruay coal mines in the background.


Edited by stan
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Oops..... :rolleyes: If that had actually been the case would he have been "Talley" Horsley? (Anyway all fixed up thanks to edit)

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I had this reply from David Gunby who is propbably the expert on 40sqn.

"The photo was taken by Gwilym Lewis, and he and I determined most of the identifications, with a couple found by detective work later.

I have (left to right): W.L. Harrison, H. Carnegie, G.A.B. Wheldon, H.S. Cameron, J.H. Tudhope, J.W. Wallwork, O. Horsley, C.W. Usher, R.S. Dallas, B.W. Keymer, L.H. Sutton "

So as to names I would say this is definitive! :D

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"David"? If you are David Gunby sorry if I got it wrong. If not where is your information that he is 5th from left rather than 4th from right come from? I note that the hair styles and facial features are somewhat similar.

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I knew Usher, he was a friend of my late father. I have a copy of that photo and several other contemporary ones from Bruay 1917. I’ve shown the photo to my mother and she picked him out without hesitation. This said I will do some comparing with pictures that we know are of Usher, although this requires a trip and digging through the proverbial old suitcases.

If anyone has any information about him post 1980s I’d very much like to hear from you.


P.S. I'm not David Gunby

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Hi David,

I've often wondered what happened to him. I have access to his copy of Dallas' "Notes on Air Fighting" and a tape recording he made for the opening of the Roderic Stanley Dallas Airfield at Toogoolawah in Qld. in November 1980. At that time I believe he was living in Perth (Western Australia). He much admired Stan and I am sorry never to have met him. Did he ever talk about Dallas? You mention you have other picture of the time - I love to see them. Maybe we could exchange some?



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Guest geoff Watson


I have jsut registered on this forum having come across the posts below regarding

40 squadron RAF at Bruay in APRIL / MAY 1918. I could not see the photograph described. If it is that published in Gwylim Lewis' book 'wings over the somme'

of the squadron in Bruay april 1918 ( in which Lewis is pictured with Major Dallas)

the 'unknown' may well be my Great Grandfather who was on the Squadron at

the time. He was 2nd Lieutenant George Watson who was killed in a dogfight on May 18th 1918. This was a week or so before Major Dallas was KIA. I have no

pictures of him, but the photo I am thinking of bears some family resemblance.

If anyone has any further information about him I would be most grateful to find out.


Geoff Watson :D

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