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3rd Division Signal Company - 1915-18 - Help with abbreviations


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My grandfather, Wilfred Sellars, served in 3rd Division Signal Company from Jan 1915.

I'm getting ready to blog his diary daily from Jan 1 2015. I would be very grateful for help in decoding some abbreviations eg C.R.A.; P.S.C.; Y.C.R.

Jan 18 1915
C.R.A. with Anthony and Corporal Steele. Nice and comfy, but very smelly and dirty. Pigs all round. Still raining which it has done since we arrived.

Jan 27
Terrific bombardment. Walked up to P.S.C. for letters. Weather beginning to get finer. Freezing at night. News of 3 Germans in the neighbourhood. Extra precautions.

July 25
Very quiet, enjoyed my new job. “Now candidly what would you do if a shell burst?" etc. Walked over to see Tony at Y.C.R.

Many thanks for any help


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CRA would generally be Commander Royal Artillery (ie the senior artillery staff officer in a division), but that doesn't quite seem to fit here, unless it means they were operating phones etc in the location where that officer was based,

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Yes, that may be it. Wilfred Sellars was "detailed for Telegraphs with the Artillery". And then sees the preparation of a 15" howitzer, referred to as Granny.

March 8 1915
Great increase of work at C.R.A. with Granny’s advent. Fighting gradually increasing in violence. Big changes during the past weeks, no doubt in connection with general advance. Up to P.S.C. with glasses. Observed enemy’s fire in several places. Wytchaete tower on its last legs. Later watched Granny firing at Messines, shells again easily visible. Second round hit and knocked over half tower.

Thanks for your help

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Your grandfather would have served under Alexander Johnston, the Company's Commander, whose diaries I edited some years ago (Pen & Sword). I can only suggest the initials represent billets, either villages or farms or codes for signalling locations. Nothing springs to mind, though.

I'll follow your blog with interest!


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