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Fritz Ludwig Rings: infantry service, casualty record and medal awards


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Fritz was one of two sons born to German born architect and engineer Fritz Hubert and Elisabeth Rings in camber well on 21st July 1897. It has so far proved difficult to find evidence of his military service during the Great War. His old school suggests he was rejected three times when trying to enlist in 1915, but was successful in August 1916 and became a private in the Royal Sussex regiment. In 1917, they say he was at Ypres and was shot on 27th October whilst raiding an enemy pillbox at varlets farm at Poelcapelle, He is

Commemorated on the schools memorial.

I cannot find a MIC, service record or CWG entry for him. It is of course likely that he may have changed his first name to Frederick! like his father did! but still I cannot find him.

I am also interested to know if his parents would have been interned ? certainly, in 1925, there is a freedom of the city of London document on beheld of the younger son, Franz Wilhelm, who was endeavouring to work in London as a spectacle maker and the document is signed by his father? the younger son later changed his name to Francis William rings and lived until 1983,

Did Fritz Rings, who gave his life for England! get airbrushed out of the records! with no medals or gravestone because of his nationality ?

Can anyone help ?



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I think John has him. Frederick Rings has some papers on Ancestry which shows mothers name as Elizabeth and an address as White Cottage, Copse Road, Cobham, Surrey. Link, if you have access is here....http://interactive.ancestry.co.uk/1114/MIUK1914A_086504-01256/610171?backurl=&ssrc=&backlabel=ReturnSearchResults

16/11/1915 : Attested.
17/11/1915 : To Army Reserve.
04/08/1916 : Mobilized but Posted back to Army Reserve.
09/08/1916 : Re-mobilized and Posted to 1/6th (Cyclist) Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment as Private #3104, later renumbered as #266686.
17/06/1917 : Discharged having re-enlisted in the Royal Naval Division Reserve.

No overseas service prior to discharge.



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Many thanks. I had taken a curosry look at this Tyne Cot casualty but had not made the connection between a man in the RNVR, and the Varlet Farm attack which of course involved the RND. The DOB as you say is correct and the link with the Cyclists Battalion of the Royal Sussex seems to confirm the school's record.

This has helped me a lot with my research for my book.

If you have any knowledge of the internment of German subjects and how his parents and brother may have been treated on the home front during the war, this would be very useful also.

Is there a list of people who were interned anywhere ?

Best Regards


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