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9th battalion Cheshire Regiment


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My great grandfather died 10 November 1918. He was serving in the 9th Cheshire no 53204. Formally RWF 69535. He is buried in Awoingt cemetery.

I have found some of his war records but would be grateful if anyone has any information on the regiment and battles etc.

Thank you


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The 9th Bn. went into the line before Sommaing on 2nd/3rd Nov. They began by pushing forward towards Jenlain. After severe fighting a platoon of the 9th got to Jenlain. The Germans in consequence withdrew from the village, enabling the left Company to establish a position north of the village and the right Company to get astride the railway which ran through the village.

The struggle around Jenlain continued on the 4th and was eventually successful. On the 7th Nov. the 9th Bn. took part in an attack by 57th Bde. on Bellignies. The War Diary is very critical of the British artillery, noting that on account of artillery inaccuracy the attack became "a very difficult and dangerous proceeding".

The engagement was listed as the 'Passage of the Grande Honelle', the name of the river west of Bellignies. The 9th Bn. casualties were 9 Officers wounded, 12 NCOs and men killed and 132 wounded.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your quick response to my post. William must have been one of the 12 men killed then.

I am trying to find out as much as I can.

It took me 12 months to find which cenotaph his was commemorated on and thanks to GWF I was given much advice.

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