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Remembered Today:

Remembrance today.


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Remembring my Great Uncle, Private Thomas James Girdwood killed 30th September 1918 age 18 remembered an Tyne Cot..


17th Royal Scots , 106th Brogade, 35th Division.


Steenvoorde 1/9/1918 Bn in billets in Corps reserve between Eeske ? and Steenvoorde/

2/9/1918 Bn moved by March route to billets in Road Camp near St Jan der Biczen?

3/9/1918 Bn proceeded by light railway to Brigade Support in Right Subsector of Canal Sector in relief of A & S Bn and 2 Coys of 3rd Bn of 119th Regt 30th American Division.

6/9/1918 Bn relieved 12th High L I in front line of Right Subsector Canal Sector.

ERIE CAMP 12-13/9/1918 Bn relieved by 15th Sherwood Forresters and moved back to Divisional

Reserve at Vlamertringhe.

11-17/9/1918? Bn relieved 19th Durham L I in Front Line of Left Subsector of Canal Sector.

20-21/9/1918 Inter-Coy relief carried out within Bn.

22-23/9/1918 2 Coys relieved by 17th Lanc Fusiliers, 1 in Front Line and 1 in Support, and moved back to camp at Vlamertinghe.

24-25/9/1918 Inter – Coy relief carried out within Bn.

28-30/9/1918 Bn engaged in Active operations. Report attached.

Strength on 1/9/1918 36 Officers and 896 Ors

Strength on 30/9/1918 23 Officers and 573 Ors.

Between 28th to 30th September they lost 275 ORs among them my Great Uncle.



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A raised glass, a silent minute or two and a thoroughly humbled heart.

A picture says a thousand words, but numbers really bring the facts home.

Thanks for posting that Malcolm.


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