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Can anyone tell me the difference between the Boer War KD and the WW1 KD or are they the same pattern? they both have two pleated upper pockets, the only thing i cant tell from the photo's i have found is if the Boer War tunic has the extra bit on it that has a points up the sleeve.

Are the trousers also the same pattern?



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I know not, but they are FROCKS not tunics ....... the latter was used for best scarlet only.

TROUSERS is good, though!

Worth drawing member Joe Sweeney's attention to this one.

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Here is some info I put on the forum awhile back.


The only real difference between the Frocks adopted in 1899 and those at the beginning of the Great War was the Boer War 1899 version had a stand collar--a stand and fall was adopted in 1903.

The KD frocks in use before 1899 and were worn in the Boer War had an internal belt (not pictured in my diagram) and different details.

Hope this helps

Joe Sweeney

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This has probably been answered before but I am unable to find it (computer ineptitude) using "search".

Can some kind soul please give the definitive descriptions of the following. My understanding of the terms, FWIW, is annotated:

Frock - loose fitting, lighter material than jacket, usually worn in warmer climes?

Jacket - fitted but not padded, lighter material than tunic, used for walking out and off parade?

Tunic - heavy material, padded, used for full dress?

Thanks in advance.

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A great bit of work there Joe, it certainly makes clear what to look at for the correct period, i didn't realise the backs had changed some much over the years compared to the fronts, it also tells me what i need to know about the repro's that are around, confirmation of the back is needed before purchase.

Colin :thumbsup:

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