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What relation was T.J.B. Rolle to him?

What group is shown in the photo?

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Thanks. I recognise some of those names - particularly Major Bob Attoe, who used to run the KSLI Museum, and Major JG James, who commanded 1 KSLI at Anzio

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On 10/09/2021 at 17:08, Robin Garrett said:

I also found entries for TJB Bosvile in the Rifle Brigade - possibly a brother?

 Thomas James Bolle Bosvile, born 18th September 1897, Ravenfield, :-

https://www.cwgc.org/find-records/find-war-dead/casualty-details/2692205/THOMAS JAMES BOSVILE/

CWGC has the additional info a bit wrong. TJBB's mother was Blanche Harriette, his father was Thomas Bolle Bosvile, born second qtr 1859, Ravenfield, Rotherham. Thomas Bolle Bosvile was the son of Thomas Bosvile from his first marriage. Godfrey (JGBB's father), born second quarter 1864 was issue from T Bosvile's second marriage. Godfrey, also born at Ravenfield, was, therefore, TB Bosviles' half brother. That makes TJB Bosvile and JGB Bosvile half cousins?

Ravenfield Park, the family seat, was sold in lots in 1920. In a later conflict the hall was used as a POW camp. Vandalised post WW2 and unoccupied, the hall was destroyed by arson in the 1960s. Some of the original parkland is now used by a fishing club.

Hope this helps and isn't too inaccurate!

Kind Regards


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I have seen on this site that Rob Oliver was inquiring about William Jelley, his Great Great Grandfather. 

He is remembered with honour on the War Memorial at All Saints Church, Kings Langley, as he lived in the Village. 

I have more information if he would like to contact me. As a distant relative I helped to research his family history for the Kings Langley Local History & Museum Society for the Centenary of The First World War.

Kind regards, 

Jacqueline M. Horwood 

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  • Admin

Welcome to the forum. @rob_oliver hasn’t visited the forum for over three years. You might try sending him a private message, if my tag to alert him to your post doesn’t work.


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