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Brodie helmets, urgent answers sought!


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Please forgive me posting on a much discussed topic but time is pressing! My father is a metallurgist/historian of metallurgy and is very shortly to be interviewed by the bbc on the contribution made by Hadfields to the war effort. Shells and armour plate are his areas of expertise but helmets are not so much.

He's asked me to try and help fill in a bit of background and would like short answers to the following:

When where they introduced? Either as early patterns or as standard issue. Am I right in thinking they first appeared late 1915 with standard issue just before the Somme?

When was the standard 'bowler' pattern decided on rather than other designs? I have a picture of a corrugated pattern, what other patterns were considered?

What materials were used? Hadfields manganese steel, alloy steel etc, did difficulty in forming, competing needs or resistance to shrapnel impact influence material choice?

Who else manufactured these in significant volume?

Again, apologies for going over old ground but he only has a few days and would appreciate some background info from the experts. No need for over technical answers, just some basic info.

Many thanks for any help!

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