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Kings Royal Rifle Corp 1915


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Hi There

My great uncle Lieutenant Douglas Rawes joined the KRRC 8th Battalion 26.2.15 and was wounded 29.6.15 in France .He subsequently died at Lady Ridleys hospital St.James's London on the 16.8.15.

The question I have is "where were the KRRC in June? I know there was a great battle at Hooge in July/August but cannot find out where the battalion was in June. Any assistance would be gratefully received.


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Morning Jerry

Welcome to the Forum

Here is the War Diary


June 26th Saturday. Morning Bomb throwing. Btn employed in digging during night. Extending & completing new Communications Trench Lieutenant Rowes & six Rfn hit (Rfn Hall subsequently killed leaving hpl).

June 27th Sunday. Shelled morning & early afternoon (Lt Shand to F Ambulance Sick).

June 28th Monday. Morning shelled. Then carry on as usual. Evening A, D & C Coys go digging. Reserve M/G section formed.


June 29th Tuesday
Battn move into YPRES in Bde reserve. Dugouts, cellars etc. Quarters very dirty (7 men sick). Rfn Pollard killed by afternoon shelling.

June 30th Wednesday. Battn remain in YPRES. M/Gun section relieved by 2nd Team. Large carrying parties etc. Rfn Harris killed by shell carrying trench stores. 3 wounded.

(Strange, as he is an officer, he is not mentioned)

The War Diary is available to download if you want to follow his career for a mere 3 quid or so (mind you it will only be 1 month)




PS. Ive searched all 1915 War Diary - no mention of him !!

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I have a copy of the chronicle for 1915 somewhere when I can find it! i will see if it offers any further information

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There's a short obit. in the 1915 Chronicle.

"Lieut. Douglas Rawes - Douglas Rawes was educated at Dover College, and was a fine athlete and sportsman. He joined the Public Schools Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment, and was afterwards given a commission in the 8th Battalion (KRRC). It was whilst serving with this Battalion that he died of wounds received in action on August 16th 1915."


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Dear All

This is the first time I have done this and am overawed by the response.I can't thank you enough for taking the trouble to respond to my query .

Thank you very much indeed.


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