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R. Martin, 44th Bn CEF/176th tunneling Co & G.F Sadler, Hampshire


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Hi all

I've recently received my Great Grandfathers, Robert Martin 622249, army service file from the Canadian Archives and am fascinated with what I'm learning.

I know that he attested March 1915 and joined 44th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force. He disembarked at Havre, France on 10/8/1916 and later joined 176th Tun Co Royal Engineers on 15/12/16. He ceased to be attached in April 1917 before being wounded in action.

What I need help with is where to go next. I've looked at some War Diaries for the 44th Bn but they're hand written so finding it really hard to read. I've also read a recommended book called Beneath Flanders Fields to follow up on his service with the 176th.

I also have another Great Grandfather, George Frederick Sadler. All I know is his regiment number is 29925 and he was with Hampshire Regiment. I've only been able to find his Medal Index Card online.

Can anyone please help with both of these?

Thanks very much

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George of the Hampshires seems to have no service papers surviving. You will be able to get his Battalion from the original Medal Roll which is in WO329/1272 page 2349 at the National Archives.Not digital.

Robert's TCRE War Diary is at Kew under WO95/244 but also not yet digital.

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Thankyou. I'm very new to this so If theyre not digital I assume that means I need to visit Kew. I'll look into it. Can you give any ideas towards any books, websites or members I can read/contact so I can carry on research please?

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You could ask for a Look Up in that section here. I would do it for you but not due to be at Kew until sometime in Jan. Other members who visit Kew might help. If you can get George's Battalion you can then see what Division he was with and look up it's page in the Long Long Trail. Also it's War Diary may be digital and downloadable for 3.36.

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