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2/4th Ox & Bucks Light Infantry - 21st December 1916


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Hi Richards,

According to the battalion history, on the 20th December, 1916, the 184th Bde relieved the front-line:

"The Berks and Gloucesters again took first innings in the trenches, whilst the Bucks and ourselves stayed in support. Battalion Headquarters with A and B Companies were in Wellington Huts near Ovillers; C and D went two miles further forward to some scattered dugouts between Thiepval and Mouquet Farm."

The 2/4th Bn appear to have relieved the front-line on Christmas Eve. So basically they were in Brigade Reserve between 20/12 and 24/12.

Hope this helps.


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He was most probably killed by German shell-fire, which would have continued daily during the battalions time in reserve.


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