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G.H. Barker


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I'm going round in circles, here, can anyone help, please?????

In the Walsall Observer of 23 November 1918 are the following

post-10072-0-64982400-1386233759_thumb.j post-10072-0-74644800-1386233771_thumb.j

I just cannot find anything out about him or trace his death.

Whilst I appreciate the papers are not always correct, they are quoting from a letter.

He may, due to him being a miner, have been attached to the R.E., but I still cannot trace him.




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Sorry to say I can't find a death that corresponds either...

There are 14 casualties with a Wyrley connection, none fit.

There are over 1,300 casualties in October 1918 just with an initial "G" only 3 are Barkers, and none fit, nor is there another man with a "Barker" relative.

There is a Medal Index Card for this chap

Name: George H Barker. Regiment or Corps: South Staffordshire Regiment, Regimental Number: 46790, TR Bn, Regimental Number: 63528, Leic R, Regimental Number: 42248, Royal Engineers, Regimental Number: 611639. Entitled to a pair, so fits with a 1916 enlistment, but no record of a death.

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Hi Kevin

Many thanks for looking.

Most peculiar. I though it may be the last MiC you mention, having transferred to the Re, but I cannot trace a death there either.

Ive even searched under 'Parker', but no joy.



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Similarly, I've had no luck either. As I'm hopeless with Regiments/Bns and their whereabouts, have you checked who was at Mariner Wood around that time?

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Hi Gaeme.

Like yourself and others here, i have gone down all the avenues and ally ways, double checked, cross checked.

No link found to the death of this man in the military sense,,but let me put this by you.

I believe George Henry Barker was the son of Abraham and Phoebe Barker and was living at 18 Station St,

Cheslyn Hay, Staffs in 1911. I Googled Harrison's colleiries of Great Wyrley as mentioned in the newspaper report

and Cheslyn Hay is mentioned. Both Abraham and Gearge were both miners plus George's year of birth is spot on.

Neither Great Wyrley nor Cheslyn Hay war memorial have his name on them. Could the newspaper have it wrong?

There is a death record for a George.H. Barker in 1957 with a correct age and in the same registration district of

Cannock which covers the above 2 villages.

There are also pension records pertaining to this man which match all of the above information,

Royal Regiment ? RFA GNR 214607.

There is only one George Henry Barker that matches the age in the registration district of Cannock.

This is just a theory, but all the information seems to tie up with this man.

Hope this is of some help.

Must add that my wife has been a great help with the ancestry research.

Regards. JIM

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I totally agree with everything you have have so kindly researched.

I am of the opinion he survived which makes the letter very strange.

Many thanks for interest and to you and your wife for researching it. I think you are absolutely spot on !!



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Pleasure to have helped, but what a doozie!

All the very best Graeme, take care. JIM.

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