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Postcard from WW1 era


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I have just acquired a copy of a postcard from some time around WW1 - there is no date on it.

The caption is "Bahn Ulflingen, Wagenburg der Landsturm Kompagnie".

I can translate it without problem except for the term Wagenburg. It is not in any dictionary I have and professional translators I know are unable to tell me what it means.

Has anyone come across this?

I am particularly keen to know as if it means "armoured vehicle" or similar, it could be historically significant (although I can't see any form of armoured vehicle on the photograph).

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I suggest "vehicle park" I certainly don't believe that it has anything to do with armoured vehicles.


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Thanks for all that.

There is no sign on the postcard of any ring (and how do you put rail wagons in a ring?), but there are several sidings with rail wagons on them, so I think that probably the correct transation would be wagon park.

Stiil, its a strange term to use. There are far better.

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