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Great War sites in Amsterdam


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I doubt there is much there as of course Holland stayed neutral, but is there anything WW1 related to see in Amsterdam?



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Not that I know of (having lived there for many years).

There used to be a cocain facotory, which produced the coke used by (British) troops. I can tell you where it used to be, but there's no trace left of the building.

Amsterdam has a line of 36 fortifications which surely would have seen action had the Germans invaded Holland (called "de stelling van Amsterdam").

Several of these fortifications can be visited.


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I have the honour of being the most frequent visitor to the Frank House....thirty five visits so far.

I havent yet found anything WW one related, but there is plenty related to the second unpleasantness.

If you are thinking of visiting the Frank House, then it is worthwhile booking online first. You can then walk straight past the queue, saving up to two hours in a queue. From there, head south in the city, turning left, passing the flower market and the torture museum, passing through the gay quarter of town, and park near to the park containing the Auschwitz Memorial. It is six panels of mirrored glass, shattered. If the weather is nice, it is a plant spot beside the canal. Just over the road at 9 plantain Plantagenet is the Jewish Council offices. The House was that of Hugo deVries, a Dutch poet.I have no idea if he wrote good poetry! There is a sign above the door, in both Dutch and Hebrew. Go to the corner and turn right, and you will pass Amsterdams equivalent of Abbey Road. Keep going down to the Schoeuburg Theatre. This was the holding pen used by the Nazis, from whence the Jews of Amsterdam were moved by train to Westerbork transit camp in the north of huge country, and from there to sobibor, etc.

There might be a few other museums worth a visit I am told!


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Cheers Roel and Bruce - obviously I can't condone the WW2 content (until the thread is moved to Skindles anyway) but it is appreciated!


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