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The Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Una Murphy

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I am researching The Royal Dublin Fusiliers of which my Grandfather was a member from October 1914 – March 1917. My Grandfather’s name was Sergt James Hennessy, Regiment number 15658, list number B0001-0300 and badge number 146257. He was with the Infantry unit (Dublin). I am enquiring to know is there any way of finding out which battalion or brigade he was in? Thanks for taking the time to read this whatever the outcome. Úna

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Hi Una,

According to his medal index card (you can get a copy from Ancestry or the National Archives, but it's not very informative!) he arrived in France on 20 December 1915, which would strongly suggest he was with either the 8th or 9th Battalions, both in 48th Brigade of 16th (Irish) Division:


Arrival in 1915 made him eligible for the 1914-15 Star as well as the Victory and War medals.

These two battalions fought at Guillemont and Ginchy on the Somme in September - in a bit more than a week, the division had around four thousand casualties.



The division did not take part in any large-scale battles until mid-1917, but this does not mean there was no fighting - his battalion would have regularly served in the trenches, which killed and wounded many even during "quiet" periods.

He received the Silver War Badge, which means he was discharged from the army because of wounds or illness. Presumably at some point he was sent back front the front line to a home service unit and then released in March 1917, but it's probably not going to be easy to work out when that was...

Hope this helps!


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I took at look at the block of service nos around him. Afraid it is a mix, most went to 8 & 9th battalion, but some to 1st and 2nd battalions as well

His SWB entry - click if you have Ancestry subscription - says he enlisted 9 Oct 1914 and was discharged due to wounds on 15 Mar 1917.

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