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The Somme post-"The Somme"


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Could anyone tell me please which of the "Battleground Europe" series by the Pen & Sword Books covers the conflict around Serre, specifically the 1st RWF's fighting in January 1917 at the Soden Redoubt? I'm going to go after Jack Sheldon's books too but wonder if there is a detailed description of the battlefield for this corner of the Somme following the "end" of the main Somme slaughter?

Many thanks for the advice.


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Yes, it is called 'Serre'. ISBN 0 85052 508 X. Jack Horsfall & Nigel Cave. Whether it covers all that you are after, I don't know. Years since I read it.

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I think you will find the BE books on the whole don't cover events post November unless relevant. The Serre volume does not. Possibly the volume for Beaucourt may? The volume Germans at Beaumont Hamel might? Will have to check.


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