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Help with timeline of RFA soldier


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Thanks to some wonderful folks here I have managed to create something of a timeline of my grandfather’s time during the war. He was Richard Grandich Prest – RFA, No. 82284

Obviously there are some blanks and no doubt I have may have some bits wrong. I wondered if having a cursory glance anybody can spot some glaring errors, or maybe add anything to any sections? Also, I’ve not been able to locate some of the hospitals so any help with those would be gratefully appreciated!

28 July 1914 – Outbreak of 1st World War

10 August 1914 - Enlisted in Sunderland and posted to no.1 training depot at Newcastle upon Tyne

September 1914 – Posted to Aldershot for training

1 October 1914 – Posted as a driver in the 47th Brigade Ammunition Colum in the Royal Field Artillery

2 February 1915 – Late for squad patrol

12 February 1915 - Absent from Squad patrol

20 August 1915 – Moved to the 16th Division Ammunition Column

8 November 1915 – Taken sick with tonsillitis

12 November 1915 - Diagnosed sick with a sore throat, taken to Station Hospital No.6 (location unclear)

20 November 1915 – Discharged from Station Hospital No.6 (location unclear)

26 November 1915 - Posted to No.2 General Base Depot, La Harve, France.

8 November 1915 – Admitted to No 23 General Hospital, Etaples, France with Tonsillitis

4 December 1915 – Admitted to No.6 Hospital (most likely Station Hospital, La Havre) with indigestion

1916/17 – Details of the battles Richard was involved are unknown

1916/17 – At some point during this period Richard joined the 4th Motor Ambulance Convoy (part of the Army Service Corps) as a Driver

October 1917 – Taken sick at Casualty Clearing Station (CCS) No.62, located at Bandringhem, Poperinge, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.

23 October 1917 – 24 November 1917 – Time spent in hospital (unclear which) and diagnosed as suffering with Neurasthenia

1917/18 – It’s likely that Richard then returned to the front line. It is likely that he did as the roll of service at his old school states that he was ‘blow up twice’

16 June 1918 – Taken to La Havre (hospital unknown), suffering from ‘shell effect’s

20 October 1918 – On discharge papers Richard states this as the start date of his Neurasthenia, due to shellfire and bombing

8 November 1918 – Admitted to No.3 hospital (location unclear, but possibly No.3 General Hospital, Boulogne, Northern France)

8 November 1918 – Departed the UK from Calais

11 November 1918 – Armistice Day

November 1918 – Admitted to No.21 Stationary Hospital (location unclear, in the UK?). His records at Maudsley Hospital state his prior treatment was at No.21 Stationary.

7 December 1918 – 2 January 1919 – Admitted to Maudsley General Hospital, Camberwell, South London.

3 January 1919 – 3 April 1919 – Moved to 4th London General

4 April 1919 - Moved to dispersal

2 May 1919 – Officially discharged

Thank you in advance for any help!!


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CCS No 6 was at Lilliers 10/8/15 - 30/4/16

No 2 Base Hospital Le Havre

No 3 Gen Hospital Le Treport

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Thank you! That's very interesting, my grandfathers records for Maudsley Hospital clearly state his last treatment was recieved at No.21, but he only fought in France and Belgium and not Greece. When we later applied to join the Royal Australian Air Force he stated that he served in France and Belgium.

It seems odd for those serving in Belgium and Northern France to recieve treatment in Greece, or would that not be unusual?

On 8 November 1918 he was admitted to "No.3 hospital", which I'd assumed was in France but could there have been a No.3 in Greece?

Richard served in the 4th Motor Ambulance Convoy, could this have been the link to Greece?

I'm very curious as to how he could have ended up the country!?


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I did not give a location for No 21 because it is not the list I have for France.

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I expect you are correct, No.21 must be an error in the documentation. I'm sure he wouldn't have travelled to Greece from France and then alost straight back to Calais to depart for England.

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