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6th Battalion Northamptonshire

Andrew Hesketh

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Hello all,

Cheeky request, but does anyone have the War Diary for the above battalion? If so, any chance of an idea of what it says for the period 6-8 September 1918 and exactly where they were?

My query is in connection with a Sergeant Allan Hill. He was awarded the MM and seriously wounded at about this time (I believe on the 8th) with head wounds caused by a shell explosion.

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Ive got then washing, bathing and church parades whilst east of Guillemont and at Combles during this period.

Nothing much happens until about the 18th



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Graeme - many thanks for checking. Very odd. I'll have to go back to my sources

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I think he was wounded on 6th August 1918 when the 18th Division were in the front line preparing for the offensive on 8th August 1918. The German launched a large raid which put the attack in the area in jeopardy. The Northamptons and others of the Brigade counter-attacked and gained the trenches back but were not in any shape to carry out the August 8th offensive and were swopped out with a Brigade from 12th Division who took their places on the 8th. He appears on the Official Casualty List of 12th September 1918 along with others wounded on the 6th August 1918 and the next day or two.

There appears to have been a group of Territorials transferred to the 6th Battalion on landing in France (via Dover and Calais) on 13th April 1918 which Sgt Hill was part of. They transferred officially to the Northamptonshire Regiment on 14th April 1918 and joined 6th Battalion at some time in May 1918 (I need to narrow the exact date down as yet).


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Steve - many thanks as always. I agree with your dates concerning him joining the 6th Bn, and they are documented in his service record. It also records his wounding in August. Having rechecked all my sources I note that the Sept 8th suggestion is only backed up by 'family lore' and could quite easily be mistaken. However, we was not entered to an English hospital until late September with a head wound that resulted in his discharge with 50% disability. I would have thought that with such a wound a gap of 6 weeks before being returned home might be a bit long? It would appear that a bit more digging is required.

Thanks again for your help.

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Steve - thank you. Not sure if I just misread the August date or failed to spot it. Many thanks for the extra pair of eyes.

So, the August wounding of the period 6-8 August, and most likley the 6th, appears to be the correct version. I'm sure you'd have mentioned it before, but I'll ask for the hell of it! Is there anything in the WD for thst period that might indicate why he was awarded the MM?

(Tried to PM you but you're full)

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