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Removing names from a War Memorial


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There has been much discussion on the forum about adding names to war memorials following research. Although related to WW2 this story equally applies in my view to WW1 and is a salutary tale of the opposite happening and supports my contention that if you agree that so-called missing names should be added to an existing war memorial then the opposite must also apply.

Newspaper article



A Jersey Heritage statement said: 'New documents only made available this year and testimony of a surviving relative has proved that Walter Dauny did not die in captivity as presumed. The memorial was dedicated in 1996 following information brought to light by historian Joe Mihre. 'No one questioned the information about Dauny or his inclusion on the memorial, and both were based on material available at the time.


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Point noted, Norman. Like you, I'm a "leave it be" bloke.

That said, if there is absolute certainty that a man didnt die then, clearly, there was an error that can be corrected. A man's name not appearing on a memorial is most definitely not necessarily an error.

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Thanks John, I am not in any way having a go at all those who with the best intentions research their local memorials. It is just that I believe that any additions or indeed deletions would be better recorded on a printed Roll of Honour and deposited in the local church whilst leaving the memorial alone. Then of course if mistakes are found as occurred as in this case they can be rectified quite easily.



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