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Belgian refugee and wounded records ?


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Good morning All,

I have been iresearching my Belgian in-laws' wartime experiences for sometime now and on one aspect am continually drawing a blank.

My wife's great-grandfather was Theophille Pierre Deval (sometimes spelt Devalle) or Pierre Theophille Deval; it is even listed under both variations in the index of marriages ! He married Daisy Wilkins in the UK in 1916. Family history says he was wounded and evacuated to the UK where he met Daisy.

Whilst I can find his brothers on the Belgian Army database, I can't find him. That database isn't 100% complete and coming from a travelling family other records are thin on the ground.

I know the situation with refugees and evacuees may have been a bit chaotic in 1914-15 but other UK records at the time seem quite fastidious; were no central records kept of evacuees collated from records at the port of disembarkation ?

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