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Colonel Claude Lowther - Lowther's Lambs (the Southdowns)


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Can anyone tell me when Claude Lowther became a Colonel, please? I have seen him, in a newspaper report in late 1914 (I don't remember the date), given as "Mr." and, in another edition of the same newspaper, dated 12th December 1914, given both as Lieut.-Colonel Lowther and Colonel Lowther - in the same report! Did he get the rank in the South African war - I know he was recommended for the V. C. but nothing more.

Thanks in advance!

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According to "Sussex in the First World War", he was appointed to a temporary commission as Lieutenant-Colonel, 11th (Service), (1st South Down) Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment on the 1st September 1914.


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Thanks everyone - that's brilliant! Sorry to come back so late but I never get any notice, now, that I have received any answer to my questions - even though I tick the box!

It's a pity as I have to remember to come back but, at my age, that's not easy!

Thanks again, though,


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